Listening to talks about the coming climate catastrophe, I see so many ethical dilemmas on the horizon, it makes me really uncomfortable.

Doxycycline is a really curious drug. 70 years old, with such a diverse spectrum of medical applications, and it's subject of research, still.

If you got nothing to do and are interested in medicine and biology, I can really recommend dipping into this topic a little. It's full of huh!-moments.

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HPV - good news! Show more

Hausfrauskost und ein Meer aus Schokokrossies.

More doodles. This is so much fun. No hardware-software-combo ever made me that excited. Oh, and don't get me started on note taking, drag 'n drop and stuff. I hate, that I love it, but credit where credit is due. This is truly an outstanding product.

So, my iPad made me draw again, since... years?! So. Much. Fun. I can't get over how well this works and I hate to admit how much I "like" this filthy Apple Product and its proprietary software.

Basically exploring Procreate here, but I think it turned out okay, too.

Critical feedback welcome!

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Wenn man gar nichts hat,
hat man machmal trotzdem noch Fenchelschnitzel mit Pilzsoße.

Für's erste würde mir die Abschaffung der anderen Staaten genügen.

If I can't use a spoon,
it's not my revolution.

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Lidl hat die Zutaten-Angaben von den Grabbel-Backwaren entfernt. Sind nur noch Allergene und Nährwerte gelistet.

Habe gerade festgestellt, dass ich so kleine Plastikteilchen gekocht und dann gegessen habe.

Ich sage vorsichtshalber halber schon mal gute Nacht und lebt wohl.

Einige von euch sind in Ordnung.

I do fantasize about the good life.

At the all peaceful lake, a small house made from wood, glass and concrete. Raised beds for the edible plants and herbs. Nothing but low pitched noises, for everything is of lasting grade and heavy substance. Distant sounds: All organic, too, of course.

Woollen pullovers.
Kinky sex. Excellent company.
A beautiful view every morning.
Good coffee on the porch.
Not a single stranger's soul,
within a hunting rifle's reach.

Fibre optic internet connection.

Shit doesn't taste like soda.
Staying in business.
Feeling so empowered.
I am high on life.

MUFFINS 3: The Acid Trip

Oh boy, I used so much vinegar. If I am still gonna taste baking soda, I'll give up or something.

If you're interested, the complete chemistry reads:

NaHCO3 ➕ CH3COOH 🔜 NaHCO3 ➕ very little CO2, some Na+ and CH3COO- ➕ lots of disappointment ➕ H2O

Baking soda suits fascism, not art!1!!

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