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I am a journalist from and write for the small leftish weekly woxx. My main topics are

I have a blog, where I write short prose, essays and reviews. ( or @soulzeppelin)

i'm interested in , politics

I can cook a mean lasagna.

using the fediverse since 2017-11-13 (RIP cybre. space)

good thing chronopost is a real-life postal service. For a moment I was pondering, what if this is a message from the time travel postage service and not a spam mail?

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The team of Brewberry Spell is searching for a freelance Composer/Music-Producer

- sapphic animated short film
- film is 8-10 min
- guitar elements
- a bonfire guitar song in one of the sequences
- topics: romance, magic, self-doubt, hope

Career starters and people of underrepresented groups (e.g. women, BIPoC, lgbtqia+, neurodivergent and disabled people etc.) strongly encouraged to apply!

Applications to until 09. October 22 (DE/EN)

steigerungsform von mist:

mist => misti => misto => mistosaurus


"wäre ich der papst ich würd dieses knoblauchbaguette heilig sprechen!"

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Taubtrüber Ginst am Musenhain

Trübtauber Hain am Musenginst
Krawehl Krawehl

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Nochmal zu Visegrad24. Der rechte Aktivist Stefan Tompson hat eingeräumt, hinter dem Propagandakanal zu stecken.
Der polnisch-britische YouTuber bedient das typ. Repertoire vom westlichen Niedergang, oder auch den internat. White Supremacy-Topos der Weißen-Verfolgung in Südafrika

where is captain planet when we him most?

if you invite me to your wedding, I'm going to bring a golden apple

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I have drawn you all! 501 portraits. tag yourself and stuff! ow my hand.


Riverdale (Season 2) 

the depiction of journalism, especially of school newspaper and their distribution, is also interesting. I don't know anything about American school newspapers, but I can't really imagine they'd work like they work in Riverdale.

it's quite a comforting power fantasy. these people are part time student, journalists, detectives and publish their takedown articles in the school newspaper which all of riverdale reads

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Riverdale (Season 2) 

It's fascinating how inaccurate protest is pictured in Riverdale. It's more like a symbolic representation, something you'd do in theater. "we're chaining ourselves to this building" doesn't mean you're actually using chains to fixate yourself to the building, but you are just wearing chains and sit in front of the building.

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btw I super welcome suggestions of queer, political, nerd or just generally cool spaces/events/orgs for immigrant teens aged 13-15 in the #Ruhrpott area #NRW :boosts_ok_gay:


tired: surprise pain
wired: pain surprise

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so uh, where do people recommend getting binders these days?

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mug update: mug arrived. looks good. will post a photo later

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lewd joke 

wait, was trent reznor singing about his dick in "ruiner"?


Bad decision: to eat a little snack in order not to be too hungry and becoming really hungry instead

do you feel closer to people who have the same first/given name as you?

People that have a strong dislike of audio files instead of physical audio CDs are somehow funny to me. on guy I know is like "this digital nonsense is not corporeal enough for me".

it's not about digital vs physical, it's about (being able to do) organization.

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