What's missing: Online bookable appointments. (Symbolic image, last summer)

What I really miss after (unpaid) blood donation since the pandemic is here: the joint dinner and the interesting conversations afterwards. Currently there are only food packages, which should be eaten alone.

Yes, at you are dependent on your instance administration. So it's like Twitter, but with the possibility of moving to your own environment.

How nice and easy it is to manage and centrally provide audio books with . I have underestimated the software for too long and with there is a serious FOSS competitor available.

Letzten Samstag: „Irgendwas mit Holz.“

I highly recommend the in Hamburg, as it has an exciting story and great visual effects. We had two very entertaining evenings! 🪄

, which has made jira on-premise hosting much more difficult and unattractive in recent years, can't get its hosted service to last. 🤡 newsletter.pragmaticengineer.c

There is finally without sugar (but with sweetener) and I think it tastes very good. The price per box (20 bottles) is 13.8 euros (directly from Loscher).

Im lokalen Reisezentrum der DB vorgestern eine 25 gekauft, welche aber erst zum Mitte des Monats gĂĽtig wird. Heute gibt es einen 48% Rabatt auf dieses Produkt. Die DB-Hotline ist natĂĽrlich nicht kulant. đź’©-Service.

„Horch amol - Der NN-Podcast“ ist ein durchaus gelungener Lokalpolitik-Podcast für an interessierte. dyyf.de/p147e


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