Discovered "13 Minutes to the Moon" yesterday, a BBC podcast telling the story of the Apollo 11 mission, up to the final 13 minutes of the descent to the moon's surface. Music by Hans Zimmer! Very well produced, highly recommended!

Oh, and Mast is now free for a limited time. 馃憖

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Facebookers and Tweeters. It's time to start using #Mastodon.

@dirkprimbs siehe dazu auch Qualityland, falls du das noch nicht geh枚rt/gelesen hast 馃槉

Gibts eigentlich mittlerweile einen guten Mastodon-Client f眉r macOS? Ist immerhin 2019 馃槈

鈥濼he robot is called Hans Georg.鈥
鈥濱t can only move to the right.鈥

@MarkusPalcer if you already want some more impressions you could check or the local timeline of 馃槈

On the way to . I鈥檒l take this as an opportunity to become more active here 馃憢

@343max Outbank finde ich auf iOS immer noch in Ordnung, auf macOS ist MoneyMoney the way to go

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