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For Christmas I wish the fediverse to grow, and Facebook to die

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Mast ist so nach ein paar Blicken der Mastodon Client für iOS der mir am besten gefällt. Ganz cooles Design, Liebe zum Detail und schnell.

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more content: Es gibt einen Mile High Brew Club - spezifischer, mit der - hier ein kurzes how-to:

Und aus den FAQ:

"1. Are people going to think I am weird?

Absolutely. Brewing your own coffee on the airplane is undoubtedly going to start a conversation or two. You'll be fine—just focus on the task at hand."

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I'm told the tester limit is now 10000 users rather than 1000. So signups are open again, since there is lots of space!

Just remember, this is still a beta! Not everything works. No content warnings, no federated timeline, no search, no autocompletion for user names, and so on.

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Hi, I‘m Jonas, a Frankfurt/Europe based software engineer focused on mobile app development, but also interested in other technologies and their impact on society. I like to play ultimate frisbee and travel the world. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community