"This function consumes a lot less CPU and RAM" they said

Reader, it did not consume a lot less RAM

If you're wondering how the Freenode disaster is going:

• They nuked the website, including ToS - apparently "Freenode is IRC" now (git.freenode.net/freenode-web/)

• They're asking critics staff repeatedly accused of trolling to write the policy for them?!


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A Freenode staffer just PM'd me saying they saw my tweets, and wanted to know if I wanted to write up a policy draft FOR them.

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Sothebys now has "Condition reports" on its NFT auctions and I find this extremely funny

would anybody like a HACK THE PLANET sticker because I have a lot of hack the planet stickers

Looking for a contact at @NXP@twitter.com, related to @emfcamp@twitter.com. Anybody know people there?

"I'll introduce you to the curator, who will probably offer to let you hold his pickled anglerfish"

2022 is going to be SO GOOD

"I'll introduce you to the curator, who will probably offer to let you hold his pickled anglerfish"

End lockdown already. I have an important meeting to attend.

A thing I'd like to try: Lightning talks where each speaker has to show and talk about the earliest code they wrote (and still have have a copy of)

No preparation allowed. No code too embarrassing.

369 days until I can relax again

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We're happy to announce that, if all goes well, we will be in a field in exactly one year!

The dates for EMF 2022 will be June 2 - 5, 2022.

More info:

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So @Pinterest@twitter.com have just installed a billboard OVER a beloved local mural above a school playground. Can you absolutely not.


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Frame installed and a billboard is up in Stoke Newington Church Street overlooking a primary school this morning. It doesn’t have the required advertising consent according to @realnickperry@twitter.com.

Deja vu anyone? hackneygazette.co.uk/news/back

(@gilbertsmyth@twitter.com @metecoban92@twitter.com @mayorofhackney@twitter.com)

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"How did you end up learning to drive a steam tractor"

"I fell in with the right crowd when I was sixteen"

@campgnd@twitter.com 2am hallway track delivers

Spent the last hour thinking this mix album makes BRILLIANT use of a repeated vocal sample

Turns out I'd just left a looping twitter video open in the background

This is why I love the @emfcamp@twitter.com team so much

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Yes, we are a festival that uses VR to plan tent layouts

Credit: @CharlesYarnold@twitter.com

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Previously not keen on but they just rolled out late-90's trip-hop and Bolwoningen houses so I am reconsidering my position

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