People who suffer from anxiety: What are your coping strategies?

Well, this got rather more of a response than I expected. What a nice bit of internet ❤️

@jonty The AA mantra of "One day at a time".

That can be "30 minutes at a time" on bad days. Makes you think about the immediate rather than doom spiralling (well, works for me anyways).

Focus on smaller things rather than organising a festival for 3k people? ;)

@jonty breathe in through the nose, hold, out through the mouth. Repeat, making each part last a little longer each time.
Boring, but it seems to work for me.

@jonty remember times when i was worried about similar things and it worked out ok in the end

@jonty Imagine my therapist asking me "what's the worst that'll happen, really?" and promising myself future rewards for short-term pain. Also SSRIs. Also sometimes just giving in and having a little hide.

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