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Last night I attended a @65dos@twitter.com gig, almost exactly five years after I last saw them and sustained permanent hearing damage.

Time for a tinnitus update and your regularly scheduled WEAR EARPLUGS reminder


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I shout about using earplugs at gigs, because tinnitus sucks. Almost no music venues provide free earplugs, and I have never seen free earplug dispensers.

But every two years we run @emfcamp@twitter.com, and it has music venues. So I carried out an experiment.



We installed an earplug dispenser outside each music venue. Each held 1000 earplugs.

I completely expected to finish the event with a lot left over and most people wearing them for sleeping. After all, people wearing earplugs at gigs are generally the minority.




Wrong. We ran out of earplugs within 24 hours of opening.

Every DJ and band had people throughout the audience wearing luminous green earplugs.

If we hadn't provided free earplugs none of the people watching music would have been wearing them.


I recognise the @emfcamp@twitter.com audience is probably more likely to take precautions, but this indicates that if people are given an easy option for hearing protection they _will_ use it.

I just wish more venues gave them the option.

Please, protect your ears, you only get one pair

If you need hearing protection I recommend:

👂🏻 ACS Pacato 16 reusable earplugs (£10) - acscustom.com/uk/products/hear

👂🏻 ACS Pro 17 custom moulded earplugs (£149) - acscustom.com/uk/products/hear

The £10 ones are stellar, but if you go to a lot of gigs it's worth getting custom moulds made

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