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My favourite parts are the multiple paths from stage exits due to people avoiding guy ropes


Five days later and the field is almost empty! Fascinating marks left in the ground though. Looking forward to 2024 already, hopefully the grass has recovered by then!


YES. More of this kind of thing.


I made the badge into the world's worst oscilloscope. Check it out on the app store!


It's not like I spend a giant pile of money on gig tickets or anything /o\

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I have been shadowbanned by for over five years - I cannot purchase tickets using any combination of details or cards. I do not know why.

Now they've banned my partner too, presumably because of our shared address.

Customer service denies this is possible. I give up

There are not many people who you can say "we should start a festival" to and have them take you seriously. Those are the best people.

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Brief shout out to, who I have constantly collaborated and co-founded with for 14 years. Without him many things would have been impossible.

This is the most tired I have felt in a decade. If you've emailed me, expect a reply within 3-5 working months.

I have returned to find a different London than the one I left. This one has substantially more bunting.

The Robot Slide Whistle Orchestra, in a transparent geodesic dome, playing All Star.

One of my favourite things from

2012: Let's organise a nice weekend camping trip

2022: Things have escalated somewhat

RT I have hundreds! :)


Radio call for me just now: "You have a fax waiting for you in the info tent"

Anything that comes to EMF inevitably gets connected to the web


Hello to the who have set up residency on all of our equipment 😋🕸


Last night I got a call on my DECT phone from a stranger who just said "you wanted to see behind the code-locked door in null sector, the door is open".

It was. There was an entire escape room behind the door.

RT Completing the puzzles only to discover that the prize was to choose your timeslot for ANOTHER PUZZLE 😄


This is when I start realising how much I missed

RT The moment when I realised that the voice at the other end of the Cat Facts phoneline was a real live person. Unbelievable.


I'm exhausted and there are too many tweets to read.

Give us energy: What are your favourite things from this

Link tweets, post pictures + videos, tell me stories!

Can confirm


with the second day of talks starting shortly we will be on hand and on stage and on laptop and just in front of the nose of the speakers


Well, it's all happening. I am absolutely exhausted and might go sleep under a tree.

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