so, is really neat. but it also shows that a carefully maintained /etc/hosts works nicely, too. less requests and blocked requests on that machine through pi-hole than e.g. on an android device.

also great: running on a router and having a network wide hosts file with aggregated block lists. can be automated via a small script which is executed on boot. pi-hole is similar but also comes with a nice admin ui and "just works".

@jotbe I’m thankful someone decided to build a script I can run as cron job for UniFi which collects different blacklists and allows whitelisting

Requires dnsmasq, so not necessarily working in other environments the blacklist sources could be interesting. Fairly aggressive, even NewRelic blocked

@fallenhitokiri very nice. the openwrt approach also uses dnsmasq where i simply add my custom hosts list. re whitelisting: pi-hole supports whitelisting and more. in the shell script for openwrt i simply remove certain entries from the blacklist with a pipe and grep. does the job but is not very userfriendly.

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