@jotbe I'd like to tell this story: Amsterdam has always been regarded as a model example of successful urban planning. Already in 1851, the city began to collect systematically data of the population, to distribute optimally their resources. For the „bevolking register,“ the inhabitants willingly, relationship status, occupation, and religious affiliation. In 1936, to be increased to the data acquisition with an ultra-modern punch-card system. 1/2

@jotbe ... In 1939, updated a census of the city register of again.
In may 1940, the invasion of German occupiers takes the Register, and identified on the basis of this wealth of information in just a few days, almost all the Jewish inhabitants.
A majority of the around 100,000 Amsterdam Jews were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.
From one day to the other, a marker-pen in the Big Data Pool decided about life and death. ...

@jotbe ... Previously, 90 years, no one had anything to hide – after all, the collection served to the Well-being of all.

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