@jotbe It's divine providence:

> “I would never want to eat a frozen hamburger patty medium rare because I just don’t know the providence of the meat,” said Mr. Belcham.

Um, ITYM "provenance", Mr. Belcham and/or Mr. Hayter.

(Hayter's gonna Hayt?)

The solution is not to communicate. Otherwise you produce Metadata, this is technology independent.
But this is not really a solution - isn't it?

What's with passwords - you better don't have secrets to hide, otherwise they are possibly leaked.
But this is not really a solution - isn't it?

The Blog above contains a lot of bullshit.

@jotbe How is my having to remember to download my bank statements over HTTPS every few months better than the bank sending them to me in an encrypted email and my email client filing them for me automatically?

(My bank doesn't use encrypted email to send me statements. I wish they did. My ISP does and it works very well.)


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