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Wie haben 2019 und Leute sagen mir: „Leute wählen die AfD nur, weil sie nicht wissen, dass das Rassisten sind“. Nein. Nochmal zum mitmeidseln: die wählen die DESWEGEN! Ja es gibt Rassisten in Deutschland! Komm mal runter von deiner polly pocket Insel!

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Wie bringe ich mein Umfeld von WhatsApp auf Signal? (Telegram habe ich 0 Aktive Kontakte, Signal 4, WhatsApp 300)

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I'm subject to a growing number of websites that don't work cleanly with #Firefox content blocking because they assume you can see the Google #reCAPTCHA and fail (usually with no clear error message) if the captcha isn't submitted.

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Huch - war da etwas vor Ostern?

Ja, zB. die EU-Abstimmung über die Common Identity Repository (CIR) - eine gigantische, biometrische Datenbank über 350 Millionen Menschen.

Eine zentrale Big-Brother-Datenbank der EU. Was kann da schon schief gehen!?

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@npd I appreciate your scepticism!

There are other things in that article that could also do with some corroborating evidence; such as the claim that the other browsers would stop letting users opt out of this.

FWIW, I tried to test Firefox's current ping support today (FF65, Linux), manually enabling it and writing a trivial test site... I failed to trigger any pings.

Chromium sent the pings though, loud and clear, by default. And no UI hints I could see, as you rightly say.

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@HerraBRE wait, is Mozilla actually doing this? The article suggests it is, but includes a link to a bug that is many years old, with an indication 3 years ago that they should probably turn the feature on, with no subsequent action. (I wonder who from Mozilla sent the quoted email.)

I was going to add bugs for actually implementing the spec's requirements on UI visibility and control, but if no one is actually working on this, I'd rather not raise the bug to the top of anyone's todo list.

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@aral This is actually a thing.

It is visual consistency that helped me make the jump from macOS to Linux many years ago.

I’m not a techie plus a very visual user, and if it weren’t for @elementary OS' much-derided styleguide, I would probably still sit in my gilded iCage wondering what might be on the other side.

I had tried other distros, but being unable to see the beauty of code or licenses, you’re left with the GUI and UX – and coming from macOS, most felt like an assault on the senses.

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@aral Since the Pop icons are a fork of Papirus, I would recommend installing Papirus and using these. Papirus is in the Ubuntu repos so an easy "sudo apt install papirus-icon-theme" is all you need.

Your fix has the disadvantage that the Cosmic Pop icons won't receive updates anymore, while Papirus has regular updates.

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"Meanwhile, a list of Google Policy Fellows for 2014 included individuals from a range of nonprofit organizations whom one would expect to be leading the fight against the corporation's concentrations of information and power, including the Center for Democracy and Technology, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Future of Privacy Forum, the National Consumers League, the Citizen Lab, and the Asociacion por los Derechos Civiles."

- Shoshana Zuboff
pg. 126, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism


@aral called this "institutional corruption". It seems more like infiltration to me. It is more consistent with their government lobbying efforts and swapping of employees between the US government agencies and Google.

This doesn't mean that EFF is corrupt as a whole, but Google infiltrates some of their employees into it, Facebook hires some EFF employees as privacy specialists etc.

But given a long enough time span, it might even lead to institutional corruption once the employees appointed by surveillance capitalists rise in ranks at these institutions.
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Kleiner Privilegiencheck: Noch nie über die Farbe von Pflastern nachgedacht zu haben.

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A group of servers are called a rack

A group of racks are called a datacenter

A group of datacenters are called a cloud

A group of clouds are called an oh my god what the hell are you doing

@Erdrandbewohner die suche ist mittlerweile auch fast brauchbar :)

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Hey so I hadn't taken the time to watch the 35c3 infrastructure review and whoa this is impressive as heck

all network equipment config generated from netbox? DECT phone in hotels and tram? 3G internet and outbound calls? Dang!

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Nachdem nun Chrome, Edge, Safari und Opera schon die Privatsphäre beim Surfen im Netz weiter absenken, will Mozilla da natürlich nicht fehlen.

"Mozilla plans to enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking by Default in Firefox"

Großartig! Ob die Funktion "browser.send_pings" in der about:config beeinflussbar bleibt, wird sich noch zeigen.

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"Bypasses are devices that allow some people to dash from point A to point B very fast while other people dash from point B to point A very fast. People living at point C, being a point directly in between, are often given to wonder what's so great about point A that so many people from point B are so keen to get there, and what's so great about point B that so many people from point A are so keen to get there. They often wish that people would just once and for all work out where the hell they wanted to be."

-- Hitchiker's Guide
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The web browser Brave is marketed as a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative, but that's pretty disingenuous.

Brave exists not to protect privacy, but to make money from selling ads.

Brave is a commercial company funded by venture capital. Its business model is selling advertising and cryptocurrency investment.

One of Brave's owners is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. Thiel is also the head of Palantir ( and on the board of Facebook.

I do not recommend using Brave.


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