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Heads up to all #Riot users: with the recent attack on @matrix' infrastructure, it's possible that Riot's Google Play version got compromised. This doesn't affect Riot's F-Droid version. Just as Riot started to do now, F-Droid has always signed all its apps on an inaccessible, offline machine. For more information, see riot.im/reinstall

To avoid maintenance overhead, however, it's likely to happen that F-Droid users must also change the app in near future. Still, there's no need to act now.

This is so awesome! "Humble Bundle integration and Origin + Uplay runners are on their way!" twitter.com/LutrisGaming/statu

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@__h2__ offered a 50€ bounty for proper Android TV support.

If that's of any interest to you, maybe you want to add to that bounty. Or maybe you want to implement the missing bits.

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#PlasmaMobile on postmarketOS running on Pine64's Pinephone development kit.

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Kdenlive 19.04 released!

Kdenlive is an open source, free as in freedom and cost complete video editor for Linux.

This is their biggest release ever bringing new features, improved stability, greater speed and last but not least maintainability.

== > kdenlive.org/en/2019/04/kdenli
#Kdenlive #videoediting #videoeditingsoftware #Linux #freesoftware

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The Kdenlive team released the 19.04 "Refactored Edition" version of the popular video editor today. Look forward to automatic audio-video splitting, configurable timeline layouts, different layout modes, and much more in their biggest release ever.


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HTML5 ping tracking – Firefox :firefox: will enable it by default:


– HTML5 ping attributes can be used to track people if they click a link (<a href=… ping=…>) by sending POST requests to an arbitrary amount of hosts
– tracking is possible without any JavaScript, or Cookies
– Steve Gibson talked about it in Security Now 709: mastodon.at/@infosechandbook/1
– ping is enabled in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari by default

#html5 #ping #tracking #firefox #mozilla

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Lemmy is apparently a federated Reddit alternative using ActivityPub written in Rust github.com/dessalines/lemmy

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Warum wird durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software nicht als Freie Software veröffentlicht?

Unterzeichne jetzt unseren offenen Brief: publiccode.eu/de/

Wenn es sich um öffentliche Gelder handelt, sollte auch der Code öffentlich sein!


Es ist gerade mal April und die Luft um 12 ist im Hörsaal unglaublich warm und stickig. Wie soll das im Sommer werden?

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Schengen-Überwachung: EU-Parlament beschließt Biometrie-Superdatenbank

Laut zwei beschlossenen Verordnungsentwürfen zur "Interoperabilität" sollen sämtliche EU-Datenbanken in den Bereichen Sicherheit, Grenzmanagement und Migrationssteuerung miteinander verzahnt werden.


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Erkenntnis des Tages: Anno 1800 läuft unter Linux mit wine "tkg-protonified-4.4" ohne größere Probleme.

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Matrix: "An attacker gained access to the servers hosting Matrix.org. The intruder had access to the production databases, potentially giving them access to unencrypted message data, password hashes and access tokens. As a precaution, if you're a matrix.org user you should change your password now."

Ups! Passwörter ändern!


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