Does anybody here know an open alternative for Google Assistant? Maybe ?

@jrt I was going to suggest checking out which has been on my reading list for a while...but took another look just now and it's not entirely clear whether it's open source 😕

@jrt @switchingsocial

I had a look at Microft last November.

Speech To Text was still using server-side processing when I last looked, though open-source version being worked on.

Will use it if I ever get around to building the thing I want it for. Which is looking increasingly unlikely.

Here's a blog post I wrote on it.

@jrt @switchingsocial is an open-source digital assistant. I'm running one on a RaspberryPi. It's nowhere near as fully featured, but there's a pretty active community supporting it.

@Argus this running by itself, or does it have to ping back to the central server? @msh were just discussing how it would be super difficult to do the latter

@jrt @switchingsocial

@downey @Argus Didn't know that one. Thanks!

@jrt @Argus @switchingsocial Perhaps less mature, but they also have an interesting open source hardware "smart speaker" in testing. Good community.

@downey @Argus Interesting, I will take a look at that, Thanks!

I've seen LinTO but they haven't released a thing yet.... I think.

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