Dreamed last night of USB TTL adapters. pls send help!

@jrt do you want some smart light switches or some smart sockets?

@cent Always! My tasmota running sonoff that controls the ceiling light feels lonely on the mosquito instance.

@cent also the Amazon dash button module for is a bit hacky as a switch. (I would prefer something that talks mqtt directly and does not require grep-ing through the network traffic 😂)

@jrt @cent I've got a few #xiaomi buttons which were cheap but ok.. I just haven't migrated them over to #zigbee cordinator running #zigbee2mqtt yet.

@jrt don't you still have a rgb strip controller? Get some rgb in your room and in your mosquitto

@cent I had one built with a Pi 3 and some transistors. However, the Pi overheated (without high load on the cpu) so I disassembled it. I'm currently looking more for buttons than for lights that support mqtt.

@jrt what about replacing your light switch with a sonoff one and remapping the buttons or use the switching capability instead of the sonoff you currently use

@cent I thought about that already. I don't want to change that button and I want multiple buttons in multiple places e.g. on the nightstand

@jrt for the multiple places I have my voice assistant ._.

@cent I don't see a point in connecting my lights to the internet. Also I'm not a fan of microphones from $COMPANY in my home. I have some with deactivated microphones that I basically use as a wifi speaker.

@cent Nur echt mit Dreifach-Leerzeichen (TM)

@jrt We should build our own smart assistant ._.

@cent There are some foss projects. It's probably better to contribute there and at the Mozilla common voice project. Linux is lacking good TTS and STT systems.

@jrt I was thinking of contributing of course

@cent I don't remember which project it was, but there was one that was considered to be ported over to @AsteroidOS

@jrt at least my light switch is now using my cloud

@cent Es ist alles in der cloud eyo eyo. 🎶

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