vs :

Microsoft vs free graphics APIs:

Microsoft vs KDE Frameworks
aka we are the bigger project only GitHub stars matter and legal said yes:

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish!

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@jrt lol KDE doesn't usually host their stuff on Github, right?

@guenther jep, and they have a dedicated issue tracker. They are older than GitHub :D

@jrt yes, but they actually switched code hosting systems fairly recently (phabricator→gitlab, both self-hosted)

@guenther I know, but they are not done yet (at least last time I looked there where still a large amount of projects on phabricator and

@jrt The sysadmins are now done moving all repositories to GitLab. Phabricator is still up to extract information from there, like tasks and boards.

@Jbb thank you for the correction. Good to know I don't have to search anymore where to report a bug. :)

@jrt I'm sorry to tell you this, but bug reports are still on Bugzilla for now. 😁

@Jbb damn. But merge requests are only on gitlab right?

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