Something, something, year of on the :

"Now, I’m excited to share Lenovo is moving to certify the full workstation portfolio for top Linux distributions from Ubuntu® and Red Hat® – every model, every configuration. [...] To ensure an effortless Linux experience, Lenovo workstations will work intuitively with the host Linux OS and offer full end-to-end support"

@jrt well, actually becoming the Year of the Linux Desktop wouldn't be the most absurd thing that 2020 has done so far.

@jrt thanks, what an coincidence, I am writing an article about this right now. Thanks, it is a good news.

@ademalsasa this is very good news. Also their partnership with Fedora that they announced last month and their recent activity on lvfs.

@jrt I am very glad! Thanks, I wish the best happens with this and more good news coming from other vendors too. What a nice day.

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