Ich hab letzte Nacht von Compilerwarnungen und nicht bootenden Kerneln geträumt. Send help!

I wondered earlier why a generic kernel patch for hid emulation support did not apply, that should be compatible with the kernel of my phone. Then I tried to apply the patch manually and noticed that the patch is already included in the custom kernel I'm using without being listed as a feature. So happy that my secondary phone with my password manager can now simulate a keyboard via USB. 🎉

flavored Chromium is coming to GNU/ .
"Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" or "Microsoft <3 Linux"? 🤔

RT @TheLarkInn@twitter.com:
🚨🔥We on the @MSEdgeDev@twitter.com team are fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux, and we need your help w/ some assumptions!🚨🔥

If you're a dev who depends on Linux for dev, testing, personal browsing, _please_take a second to fill out this survey! 📝


The Valve Index runs really great under .
My only issues are:
- getting the DP of the Index to register as an audio device is very inconsistent and I can't determine what fixes it when it works.
- stuttering in a few proton titles. (Probably my 970 is too old and slow)

"Our software supports linux!"
"Where is the Linux build then?"
"We don't have one, you have to download mono-complete and pass the .exe to mono. Oh you should also install this root CA"

Huawei veröffentlicht schon wieder nicht die Kernel sources. Sie bestätigen das sogar auf Twitter: twitter.com/cybermccyber/statu


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