I'm moving back to @js@mstdn.io. I don't know what happened in the current debate, but regardless, I do not wish to have an instance dictate me what parts of the Fediverse I am allowed to see. We do not accept ISPs filtering the web, and I think this is no different. If *users* want to block someone or an entire instance, that is fine. But that should be a *user's* choice, not the choice of the service provider. I think there is value in seeing what people you disagree with write.

#ObjFW needs a GUI framework. There were many attempts by various people - let’s join forces and get it done! Please help: objfw.nil.im/forumpost/f0a589e

@tuxedocomputers Wie ist das bei euch mit Versand in die Schweiz? Kriegt ihr das hin, ohne dass man deutsche MwSt zahlen muss und but Schweizer Import?

Does anyone know if it's possible to dump and decrypt NAND on an 6s using / / to recover Bitcoin from a broken device? Plz share.

Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

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@lazypoolboy@twitter.com This is still one of the most insane things to happen in modern history

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/brhoomy101/status/1360889348078592001

h/t @kristapsk .. python's cryptography package now has a rust dependency which screws up installation on some platforms, bit of a shitshow going on here:


#python #cryptography #rust

But that is how a probably <50 line patch to Emacs nearly derailed a $117m tech acquisition.

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This eventually reaches the CEO of the startup bank, my boss' boss' boss, who has to repeatedly assuage them that it is not material or risky in any way.

Whatever persuasion he deployed is successful, because the deal closes, making me an internet thousandaire.

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Do these FSF dorks have some claim to the technology they're about to drop $100m+ on? Anything could be possible. They start escalating to figure out what is going on.

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And out of whatever drawer it was shoved into years before, out pops this hippie neckbeard free software thing. The high-caliber lawyers have NO FUCKING IDEA what this is about, but "copyright assignment" starts setting off major red lights.

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2-3 years after that, the tech bank startup has launched, grown, and is being bought by a major international bank, one of the largest in the world.

They need to do due diligence. Part of this is reviewing employment contracts and related things.

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I mailed the paper and sent in my patch, which I think was something to do with the stored list of preset SQL connections or something adjacent to that, then went on with my life.

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Because so many tech employment contracts assert claims over work done by their employees, part of this process involves obtaining a release so the FSF knows they won't get sued over your code.

I worked at what was then a small tech company, we were building a bank. There were probably 20 or less employees in the whole place at this time, so getting sign-off for this was no problem.

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Here is a small, true story from my life:

Sometime in the 2011-2012 timeframe, I went through the FSF copyright assignment rigamarole so I could contribute a patch to Emacs. This requires you to send a physical piece of paper to the FSF. Nobody can contribute patches to any GNU project without doing this.

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