Futter für eure Kalender: Wir können endlich wieder Termine für die kommenden Events im Herbst verkünden!
Stay tuned for Anmeldeformulare – die kommen auch bald.

@jugendhackt R U still interested in new mentors? I applied once and did not get any reply :(

@jugendhackt I think once I filed a formula on the website and another time I just wrote the same text as email. never got a reply to any of them. mail is

@gcrkrause Can you please write again to - we just double checked that it works. Sorry for the no reply earlier!

@jugendhackt I'll just forward the reply I got last time from your ticket system, some infos might be outdated.

@gcrkrause Did you get in contact via ? Because we have not gotten a message from you yet.

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