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trans? on hrt? feel unsure if your endo knows what they're doing, or just want a second opinion?

i'm willing to look over what your endo is doing, just shoot me a pm c:

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youth and hormones, potential hot take 

people of any age should be able to access whatever hormones they want.
they should receive guidance on how to be safe, but there should not be any obstacles or long wait times.

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cw's for the following thread: ageism, kid's rights, abuse and authority mention 

this is gonna be rambly and doesn't really have a structure, but it's just some thoughts i want to get out

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mh meh 

7 minutes till i have to be asleep or my mh suffers

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abuse related shitpost but its true 

blankets are so good and warm and also they have never abused me


okay turns out my shirt apparently had a *tiny* amount of smoke on it which still did bad things up until now

oops i guess

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pleasant subtoot 

You’re an amazing person 💕

exconfidential leak release 

#Harman (#Samsung) Software Management Server Source Code and Documentation

This is an OTA software for smartphone and automotive platforms. Dated sometime between 2018-2019.

Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:07c671f645

Size: ~1G

For more leaks join our Telegram channel at:


for real how have people still not figured out cops are bad

Is the rainbow infinity symbol meant to represent neurodivergent people in general or just autistic people? I just saw it described as the autistic symbol and I don’t want to wear it and accidentally be misleading if it’s just meant for autistic people

ph, lewd/kink, cursed 

@julialuna it's all about consent

ph, lewd/kink, cursed 

this isn't what i meant when i asked to be choked

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ph, question 

i caught two short breaths of faint smoke (coming from someone ~20m away)
that was enough to make me dizzy, and breathing still hurts now, 25 minutes later

would it be bad of me to just say i have asthma triggered mainly by cigarette smoke even tho i've yet to have this looked at or diagnosed?

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people ugh, ph 

@julialuna Smoking in public should be illegal...

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