want bottom surgery. know that it's not gonna happen any time soon because
- it's considered cosmetic and optional / not important, and with the current pandemic...
- i'd need to go through whatever the process is for getting that covered here in germany, or save as much money as possible for at least 2 years
someone make me believe it's gonna be okay


transition question germany 

speaking of whatever i'd need to go through; i'd greatly appreciate some links to resources or a short summary or something

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transition question germany 

@julialuna hormonmaedchen.de/gaop-srs/ This looks like a starting point, though I've heard that sometimes you don't need the Gutachten.

transition question germany 

@julialuna I wonder why the hell they want 1.5 years of therapy, like that's gonna change anything. (For me therapy has often been a waste of time, maybe I just found bad therapists idk.)

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