does anyone want to take over the domain ? :boost_ok:

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domain's on namecheap rn, so namecheap to namecheap transfer is instantly possible, and otherwise i can just give the auth code

my main priority is giving the domain to someone who will put it to good use

preferably someone outside the typical white male techbro type

i have another domain expiring soon that i haven't found myself using:

anyone interested?
domain's on namecheap, so easy on platform transfer, and otherwise auth code is possible
i want this domain to stay in queer hands ^^

:boost_ok: has been passed on to someone else is still looking for a new owner tho, lemme know what you'd do with it

as with, queer people strongly preferred

@julialuna It is tempted to run a matrix homeserver on that domain but its not a cheap tld 🤔

@julialuna I'm interested, that could be fun for a couple things

@julialuna Oop, didn't get notification. Was thinking maybe a matrix+jitsi thing to fit the domain.

@julialuna just the domain or the servers as well? with or without any possible attached services?

@julialuna I don’t mind taking over that domain.

how would you like to proceed?

@julialuna setup an IRC. or matrix. or xmpp

or a com inaction of those.

or if you have other visions or ideas I don’t mind hearing you out.

(personally, IRC is a highly likely option bc I have already xmpp and matrix)

@julialuna pretty good you snagged it bc it's not hard to imagine what other purposes it could be used for

@julialuna i shared it to the local trans group, to see if there were any takers there

@julialuna If anyone wants to use this domain to host stuff, but can't afford it, i'd be willing to take the domain and point it to them.

@julialuna hey there, I'm queer and co-funder of the DNS Witch Collective. (, the website is a big WIP).

We plan to launch Grimoire, a web hosting service for static sites. We already have a delegation for which is a subdomain dedicated to queer persons (my blog itself is a subdomain). If you want, we could manage under the same rules.
@julialuna I forgotten ! We manage to use the FunkWhale CoC, with some alterations to make it match our services.

@julialuna I need to make a "presentable" online presence at some point. was thinking of doing that at my old domain I had for decades, but a fresh new one could be good to avoid ppl googling the URL and finding associations with old self.

right now I don’t have energy tho cos I’m focusing on other things on the job search, so even if I got it I wouldn't do anything with it for a long time, probably.

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