hey fedi i need a new place to sell my time to survive under capitalism

i have a quite diverse skillset ranging from hardware design to electronics to software, basically: if it's tech, chances are i have some useful knowledge already

i want something remote and with flexible working hours if at all possible


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i live in germany, i'm pretty young, have ~7 years experience in python and 9 years in programming in general
i run my own infrastructure, know linux sysadmin stuff, i prefer backend software dev over frontend, i built software for the web in python, php, and some .net, i have experience with embedded linux and microcontrollers, i know my way around pcb design;

i pick up new things rather quickly as well, so even if i'm not familiar with something i can usually manage to get stuff done

@julialuna I’ve seen this post about jobs at Pretix recently, maybe it's interesting for you:

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@julialuna The company I work for are hiring at quite a rate, we use lots of Python on the backend, and we are OK with full remote inside the countries we have offices in, which includes Germany (although that is all very new so don't expect everything to work perfectly, but we are trying).

(Pick "Engineering" in the category.)

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@julialuna Don't worry TOO much about the exact position to apply for, pick something reasonable sounding but as far as I know our recruiters are happy to try to work out a position that's a better fit.

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@julialuna If you don't mind dealing with cross border taxation, I can recommend my second workplace as a pretty chill and interesting place.

It's remote with travel, largely to the Netherlands with some conferences as well.

@julialuna we are fully remote, have a strong focus on Free/Libre Software, and worker-owned, take a look at in case you may be interested. Maybe the “Core Engineer” position could fit you best, but it does not matter much which one you apply to—we ant people who would be around for the long run, and some of us havhan changed teams
FWIW, some of our colleagues are based in Germany :blobcat:

@julialuna one of our colleagues wrote a series of blogs about the company, I think the most interesting is probably (the main change since is that there has not been onsite meetings anymore in the last two years, and other small tweaks)

@aperezdc not really a question but just wow
this looks like a place i'd actually *want* to work at

@julialuna to be hobest, I can't imagine having to work in a traditional hierarchical company anymore :blobpeek:

have a look at I've been inactive there for quite a while, but I guess there's still room for (compensated) collaboration at this stage

@lxo looks incredibly interesting but i don't think i have the necessary knowledge just yet
thanks for showing me this anyway!


helloo, this collective searches new persons:

i can recommend them, they are nice. :)

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