you know, i respect straights
i just wish they wouldn't rub their ideology into my face anywhere they go

i have straight friends! i get along great with them! but when they just can't stop making it their whole identity and pushing it on everyone it's just too much! they even push it on children! it's disgusting and they should keep it to themselves

speaking of children, i don't think straights should be allowed to raise kids. having them is fine but i think they should be forced to consult a queer person to oversee their development

can't have the straights force their toxic ideology on their children! or worse, perpetuate their generational trauma! it's just wrong imo

and they really need to check their prejudices, not everyone wants to see that they're around, some people are just not comfortable with them and they should respect that

and i'd like to note that i'm not straightphobic, my straight friends agree with me here


> i have straight friends

that's very weird and sus 😅

@julialuna @deletescape I’m straight and for a one time $5 payment you can say that I agree with you about any opinion and if anyone asks I’ll confirm

@julialuna as a totally straight friend, straight as spaghetti, I can confirm this

@julialuna the other day i say a straight couple kissing in public

@julialuna I have nothing against straights as long as they act gay in public.

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