everyone else: makes a massive 3d printed enclosure for this trackpad
me: haha m1 screw directly into PLA goes brrrrrr

someone hire me for product design and technical lead imo

@tthbaltazar no! i just screwed it in, PLA is malleable enough to let me do that, while retaining its shape well enough to just.. be threaded, after screwing into it

this works extremely well

@June yup! same kind of trackpad as used in the steam controller!

@June oh right i forgot to mention what to search for

manufacturer is cirque, model is tm035035

@julialuna so cool!? would love to know more about the whole build it is so cool. it looks amazing.

@June feel free to send me a follow req, i'll be posting updates here

the pcbs are open sourced at git.xenua.me/xenua/hydrated
3d printed parts and firmware are WIP

@julialuna @June i didn't even know that was a thing you could put on a custom keeb :O

@julialuna ooh that's even funkier than I expected! What's the reasoning behind the swappable cores? I see the "go" one has three ports, is that for an extra pointing device or something?

@gbrnt the third port is for future expansion;
the reasoning behind the cores is that i want something small and portable while traveling, and a little bit larger when i'm at home

@julialuna how for did you do the curvy traces? I'm just learning kicad (for keyboard stuff, even) and looking to stockpile tricks :)

@sungo i recommend treating the rounding step as post processing, keeping the actual reference "normal" and then just applying rounding + teardrops before exporting

@julialuna Nice! I want to build a similar thing, but too many projects already.

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