The gender of the day is a large flannel shirt.

good morning! *turns on TV for trans news* 📺💁‍♀️ today too the reality of your gender does not depend on the understanding or approval of the cis, in this morning & all mornings to come

telling a cis person they're "one of the good ones"

i have a lot to say today!

*clears throat*

*begins mewing incessantly*


@dragon i'll try with insurance first, but if that seems like a dead end i'll get back to the crowdfund idea <3

so, whats a good alternative to github (that isnt gitlab because gitlabs layout fucking sucks)

,,its really hard finding one. obviously i dont like what github does and want to move away but there just doesn't seem to be an alternative that a. i can trust not to randomly disappear and b. has a good UX

Wie sieht das eigentlich bei euch aus. Kuschelt ihr gerne?


@dragon insurance is the big problem... other option is crowd funding but like meh other people have more urgent needs

transition question germany 

speaking of whatever i'd need to go through; i'd greatly appreciate some links to resources or a short summary or something

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want bottom surgery. know that it's not gonna happen any time soon because
- it's considered cosmetic and optional / not important, and with the current pandemic...
- i'd need to go through whatever the process is for getting that covered here in germany, or save as much money as possible for at least 2 years
someone make me believe it's gonna be okay

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