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Given a weighted graph of a lesbian polycule, find the shortest distance between two nodes. Dyke-stra's algorithm.

piracy levels are holding at 85%

(85%) ■■■■■■■■□□

Can someone recommend a reasonably priced epilator? Preferably one that can be used with water/cream.


Being privileged and disadvantaged at the same time 

It's really not that hard to understand that you can be disadvantaged and privileged at the same time.

I am disadvantaged by a disabling chronic illness that's taken much of my life away from me. But privileged by my partner and I being in a comfortable financial position, something many disabled people don't have.

I'm disadvantaged by being a woman, but privileged by being a white cis woman. I still experience oppression (sexism, patriarchy), but the oppression isn't as bad as that which a black trans woman will experience (sexism, patriarchy, transphobia and racism).

You don't lose anything by understanding your privilege. With some reflection and honesty, you can gain a better understanding of the intersections of different privileges and disadvantages, and how you can work harder, and be a better ally with others.


talking to "parents" isn't good for mh lmao

"mom" deadass just said "you're not deadname, or julia, or even a human being, you're just a comic figure"

and then refused to provide further context when i asked her what she meant because i was (obviously) confused

Ach übrigens: Alle Comics, die ich hier krakel, könnt ihr euch zum Privatgebrauch auf beliebige Produkte drucken oder drucken lassen, wo und wie ihr wollt. Nur bitte die Ergebnisse nicht verkaufen!

Das gilt für islieb, isfies und @heyokyay (die englischen Comics).

Ab und zu biete ich auch selbst Sachen an, aber geht ruhig zur Druckerei um die Ecke, ist 142% ok! So könnt ihr oft auch etwas Geld sparen. 🙂

mh~, funny, swedish song lyrics, audiohazard 

my brain: ah fuck this kinda sucks
other part of my brain, dancing:
Vi undrar är ni redo att vara med
Armarna upp nu ska ni få se
Kom igen
Vem som helst kan vara med
Så rör på era fötter
Och vicka era höfter
Gör som vi
Till denna melodi

Dansa med oss
Klappa era händer
Gör som vi gör
Ta några steg åt vänster
Lyssna och lär
Missa inte chansen
Nu är vi här me

vio towards abusers, emoji spam 

be a shame if someone,, 👉👈 did arson🔥 on my "parents"🤡 house🏠 and this shitty clinic🏥 tbh

bio "family" 

bio family? don't have that, i entered this world as a being of pure chaos

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shitty trans health"care" 


me: *gets sad upon hearing this*
"mom": why are you sad, this is good news‽

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shitty trans health"care" 

turning 18 in 2 weeks too 😔

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shitty trans health"care" 

inb4 the gemeindeamt requests two letters stating f64 for name change

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shitty trans health"care" 

i'm not trans (didn't get f64.0) because my "parents" perception of me was different than my own perception

oh okay then guess i'll die

selfie, ec 

local disaster enby got very little sleep last night nya

addiction ment 

i'm not addicted to caffeine i just know that i need 100mg every 3 hours to maintain optimal efficiency and i crash hard at 3h30 but i swear i'm not addicted

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running to interspar to buy mate to avoid SlowFast™ ✓

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