When selecting a specific connection, direkt.bahn.guru now forwards to the DB website (instead of our price calendar) by default, meaning that people outside of Germany and those using non-mainline trains should also be able to reliably retrieve connection details now. 🎉

Oha, gerade erst bahn.guru/ entdeckt, wo man gezielt nach Sparpreisen bei der Deutschen Bahn suchen kann. Kam als Hinweis nach meinem letzten Blogpost-Rant über die Preise Bahn vs. Fliegen rein. Danke für den Hinweis!

Small collection of cool projects I've been / I am currently working on:

bahn.guru - Price calendar for Deutsche Bahn

pricemap.eu - Map for coach and train fares in Europe

github.com/juliuste/transit-ma - Automatic metro map generation (based on OpenStreetMap data)

🦀 Hey, I'm Julius. Currently working on a lot of public-transport-related projects together with @derhuerst - see github.com/public-transport.


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