So I have this USB Footswitch, called “FS1-P” made from finest Chinesium. It's mechanically sturdy, and the switch is clicky.

HID is recognised as:
Product ID: 0x2019
Vendor ID: 0x5131
Version: 0.00
Serial Number: SW
Manufacturer: GZIOT

Looks like many others, but seems to use a different chip: CHG551

The configuration software is Windows only, and more importantly: Chinese only, which my computer cannot even display. It's needed to configure the switch.

Any hints how to configure this?


@MacLemon well if it’s just one pedal, what do you want to configure?

@k The keycode sequence that is sent when the button is pressed.

I‘d like it to work like a momentary switch opposed to a trigger (like it does at the moment) and not send an Enter keypress.

It can do mouse movements and buttons as well, but that‘s not of interest to me for my use case.

@MacLemon One option. You can just simulate what you need host-side. I’ve been running my py stuff as a daemon for 10 mo and it’s been remarkably stable.

@k Thanks for the suggestion. It‘s a nice solution to replace a StreamDeck. Your solution does not fit my problem at all though. :-)

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