DPAs will have to run investigations on decision structures in companies, or multinationals will be able to forum-shop by just stating their main establishment is in a certain country, warns @maxschrems@twitter.com.

‪Efficiency, avoid conflicts of law, legal certainty, procedural safeguards and other fundamental rights, need to be protected on a reciprocal basis between EU-US in CLOUD Act agreement, says @BrunoGencarelli@twitter.com further.

‪@eu_commission@twitter.com panellist urges to “consider the facts”. There are numerous academics that have looked into over the last two years, raising alarms on issues with notification and privatisation of law enforcement. Those are the facts.

At , on the panel, Florence Raynal of @CNIL_en@twitter.com raises the issue of privatisation of law enforcement in the @EU_Commission@twitter.com proposal.

Time to mark the @EU_Commission@twitter.com’s words in again today: they are currently not preparing any new data retention legislation. The college of commissioners has merely requested a study.
Let’s see for how long.


‪Amazing to have the deep-dive into @parltrack@twitter.com at , thanks stef et al for your continued efforts with this project!‬

‪The criminalisation of encryption, anonymisation tools etc. is increasingly a problem for civil society.‬

Further takeaways from this session: Digital security trainings shouldn’t only be based on fear, especially for activists who are already subject to threats and experience fear through their work.
Training shouldn’t be tools-centric, but need to involve the reasons why e.g. email encryption should be used.
There needs to be space for follow up.
And male trainers in particular need to recognise their privileges.

“A lot of women have internalised this violence, or do not recognise hate speech as violence – it has become normal.” (paraphrased)

Feeling safe online is directly connected with the freedom of speech, and becoming active to fight for your rights. This is in particular true for women and gender-based violence.

At , activists are describing how digital threats contribute to the shrinking of space for civil society, while at the same time technology is the basis for a lot of their work.

PSA: Free Speech doesn't mean everyone has to give you a platform. Moderating content isn't . The current discussion around and gab has nothing to do with free speech at all.

If you want to distribute an app that no one else wants to host make your own repo.
If you have an opinion that isn't welcome anywhere else make your own blog.

Es ist Nostalgie-Samstag. Die ganzen Twitter-Fakeaccounts von früher wollen dringend neue AGBs akzeptieren.

Das Umweltbundesamt rät nach einem Medienbericht zu drastischen Schritten, um die Klimaziele im Verkehr zu erreichen.

Die "Süddeutsche Zeitung" schreibt, alle Privilegien etwa für Dienstwagen und Dieselkraftstoffe müssten wegfallen.
Zeitungsbericht - Umweltbundesamt rät zu drastischen Maßnahmen, um Klimaziele im Verkehr zu erreichen
Wegen der mutmaßlichen Ausspähung von Wikileaks-Gründer Assange und dessen Besuchern in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in London hat der NDR Strafanzeige gestellt.
Assange - NDR stellt Strafanzeige wegen Ausspähung
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