So this is where implements your -given right to download all data that they have collected on you:

It took about four days to collect the data that I requested, in the meantime I downloaded roughly 35GB of photos in two zip files containing 12 or so more zip files within which jpeg, png, raw, plus text-file databases of additional info (e.g. comments on shared photos). All in all, it looks rather fine, but something quite important is missing: with newer phones, short videos are recorded when taking a photo. The videos used to be stored separately from the JPEG photos 1/2

@kaerF Uh, that's bad. Iirc they store the HVEC file directly and generate jpeg images on-demand. They likely didn't update the data export service to cope with these yet.


@mulrich yes I think this behaviour is quite similarly modelled to on the desktop, where they only recently changed the behaviour.

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