I’m honored to be in Bucharest at today to present how the project realises the responsibility that governments and institutions have towards our common infrastructure! Join us in Session III: Coding with Citizens!

Presenters from Spain, Italy, and Finland/Estonia are taking the lead at the , showing how and contribute to and . Lots of keywords of my presentation on are already being dropped! 💪

The @EU_Commission’s goes beyond software, and also envisions further areas of sharing and collaboration in the . –Chrysanthi Giortsou, Deputy Head of Unit at @EU_DIGIT@twitter.com

Amazing takeaway from today, @EU_DIGIT wants to create a Competence Centre for ! 👩‍🎓 twitter.com/gentileeu/status/1


‪.@pkivima@twitter.com and Chrysanthi Giortsou highlighting: is more secure by design because it is for auditing. But it also creates a for institutional users to actually contribute to its !

The @SWHeritage@twitter.com project, presented by @zacchiro, is a huge effort to preserve for the future, “we have seen commercial software forges come and go, don’t assume your developments will be preserved forever”

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