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Poland’s PiS government decided not to postpone the Presidential election despite the ongoing pandemic. This move helps the government to keep all its options open should its candidate lose. MICHAŁ ZiÓŁKOWSKI explains how.



#Poland doesn't deserve better government. They blocked borders for #EU and #Polish citizens. They refused the transit for #Estonian citizens to their country. They forgot about annexation of Poland and about communism as well. They ask for state of emergency. They don't deserve better government and freedom. Nowadays shows that people need master with whip and chains. They should be kicked out from #EU.



@Br0m3x what? If this is what you are saying: the government (elected by a majority but not every person in the country) is shit, therefore the whole country (all people) "don't deserve better government", then you're not making sense.

@Br0m3x also, if you are saying that the government is authoritarian and therefore it's shit, and then demanding a master with whip and chains (so, an authoritarian government), you are not making sense.

there are 3 things.
1. #Poland has a short memory about their "slavery" now they're asking for the state of emergency;
2. #Poles showed in the beginning of paranoia that they have no idea about solidarity - closing borders for #EU and #Polish citizens; They forced them to pay to the national carrier to bring them home;
3. People's behaviour shows that they need master with whip and chains.

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