Oh Mann wenn ich jetzt bloß noch den Screenshot der -Twitter-Werbung von 2018 finden würde, wo sie argumentiert haben, dass die Bahngleise ja sonst zuwuchern wenn sie nicht G. sprühen würden. 🐝

No, I definitely see the added value of having that scrub bar instead of actual keys, Apple. And this couldn’t possibly have been designed any more conveniently.

Ich glaube ich habe endlich herausgefunden, wieso mein Upload so langsam ist.

The German presidency of the @EUCouncilPress leads with the potential to fight disinformation – while sponsoring the Orbán government that recently introduced provisions declaring misinformation on Covid a crime, creating what is widely seen as a for journalists.

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CEPS calls for the withdrawal of the proposal at the presentation of their final report, citing doubts over its added value, necessity and .


Sind das unterschiedliche Blasen, die @TwitterDE@twitter.com
für "linke" bzw. nicht verortenbare oder sogar als "rechts" eingeordnete Accounts vergibt?
Auf diesem Account: "unfälle", Zweit-Account: "Anschlag" (wobei der zumindest vong following her auch links eingeordnet werden müsste)

«it seems that the Hungarian government was in a very good negotiating position» – how could that ever have happened!?

The @EU_Commission@twitter.com would like to hear your views on their planned revision of the Network and Information System (NIS) Security Directive, you have until 13/August to give your feedback: ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-r

Fond memories of how my PowerBook 12" died. On this day 12 years ago.

Remember how we asked the @EU_Commission@twitter.com
and governments not to harm such as @freifunk@twitter.com
? In this consultation, the Commission asks you how to do that: ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/T

Sie hätte so gut sein können: Zahnpasta mit Mojito-Geschmack. Leider mit Eukalyptus zerstört.

And the picture‘s probably so orange because of the smog that you helped produce 😷

DPAs will have to run investigations on decision structures in companies, or multinationals will be able to forum-shop by just stating their main establishment is in a certain country, warns @maxschrems@twitter.com.

At , activists are describing how digital threats contribute to the shrinking of space for civil society, while at the same time technology is the basis for a lot of their work.

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