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‪More than a hundred participants at the third in today, from eight projects developed within the Happy hacking!

Amazon’s Choice für Schlafmaske Herren lustig. Ich ziehe den Kauf in Betracht - der Herr ist sichtlich erholt am nächsten Morgen und auch während er im Fahrersitz seines Autos schläft.

Joint investment of resources, and joint bearing of risks build a sustainable relationship!

When businesses and public sector invest in , we must have the well-being of the project community at heart. stresses at

‪The importance of using established licences to enable the reuse of your and your cannot be stressed enough! presenting the new licence selector tool on at

‪Technology is only the tip of the iceberg, the bigger question is where to get the data! –, at

‪We found that technology wasn’t the biggest issue, we could figure that out. It was communication that was the biggest issue. – about

The project, presented by @zacchiro, is a huge effort to preserve for the future, “we have seen commercial software forges come and go, don’t assume your developments will be preserved forever”

The @EU_Commission’s goes beyond software, and also envisions further areas of sharing and collaboration in the . –Chrysanthi Giortsou, Deputy Head of Unit at

I’m honored to be in Bucharest at today to present how the project realises the responsibility that governments and institutions have towards our common infrastructure! Join us in Session III: Coding with Citizens!

‪Niederländisch mit, lesson one: „für dich am wichtigsten: ‚het zelfde‘“. Er kennt seine Zielgruppe (mich). ‬

Now opening and describing the’s strategy

‪All is ready for the opening of today‘s second hackathon at Silversquare with @TheApacheTomcat @EU_DIGIT, improving the reliability of and ! ‬

«We wanted to put an end to sexual harassment, that is when we started .» –@sarahas_san
We created a system of red flags that allow us to talk about , and to identify behaviour as such.

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