«it seems that the Hungarian government was in a very good negotiating position» – how could that ever have happened!?

The @EU_Commission@twitter.com would like to hear your views on their planned revision of the Network and Information System (NIS) Security Directive, you have until 13/August to give your feedback: ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-r

Remember how we asked the @EU_Commission@twitter.com
and governments not to harm such as @freifunk@twitter.com
? In this consultation, the Commission asks you how to do that: ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/T

Sie hätte so gut sein können: Zahnpasta mit Mojito-Geschmack. Leider mit Eukalyptus zerstört.

And the picture‘s probably so orange because of the smog that you helped produce 😷

DPAs will have to run investigations on decision structures in companies, or multinationals will be able to forum-shop by just stating their main establishment is in a certain country, warns @maxschrems@twitter.com.

At , activists are describing how digital threats contribute to the shrinking of space for civil society, while at the same time technology is the basis for a lot of their work.

Please use regular cups. Please don’t put a plastic lid on. Server declines our requests even though there are a ton of cups here. Thanks @CostaCoffee@twitter.com

‪More than a hundred participants at the third in today, from eight projects developed within the @EU_Commission@twitter.com. Happy hacking!

Amazon’s Choice für Schlafmaske Herren lustig. Ich ziehe den Kauf in Betracht - der Herr ist sichtlich erholt am nächsten Morgen und auch während er im Fahrersitz seines Autos schläft.

Joint investment of resources, and joint bearing of risks build a sustainable relationship!

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When businesses and public sector invest in , we must have the well-being of the project community at heart. @Open_Sourcing@twitter.com stresses at

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