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new addition: Lisbon, 7/September! Details tba. u.osmfr.org/m/238803/

@MacLemon can you describe in something like an A4 page how a mastodon instance would support these goals and integrate well with efforts the Parliament is already taking to be in touch with people? Not making any promises but we could try something..

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a Mastodon instance hosted under the europa.eu fomain where you could follow all the diverse people in Europe working at the EU parliament, the working groups, etc.?
An official source of information and dialogue with citizens.

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The European Environmental Agency EEA shows how it's done: Plone CMS, here's the version we're using, here's the source code and our github repos. eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps

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NSU-Bericht bleibt 120 Jahre geheim

Bis ins Jahr 2134 ist ein Bericht des Verfassungsschutzes über hessische NSU-Kontakte als geheim eingestuft. Das ist das Gegenteil von Aufklärung.


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Die Hausdurchsuchungen der letzten Tage zeigen, dass Hacken nie unpolitisch sein kann. Unabhängige Infrastruktur und verschlüsselte Kommunikation sind wichtige Werkzeuge in einer Gesellschaft, deren Freiheiten verteidigt und erkämpft werden müssen! Lasst euch nicht einschüchtern!

How can we compete with much larger players in tenders? Cooperate. Form bigger corporations that can compete. Don’t split up over the issue whether or not you like either term or license better than the other.

Is this the “but is *BSD not more open than Open Source” discussion now?

@mxmehl you were asking for a PDF converter for remark slides, I haven’t tried this one but I will: github.com/astefanutti/decktap

Technology underpins society. @mxmehl with XKCD’s chain of command strip at xkcd.com/898/

Tinkering in Strasbourg and Brussels – Free/Libre Software in Europe: Find my slides here: raible.org/.Presentations/2018

En français, des initiatives libertés numériques en Allemagne ont été perquisitionnés, j'avais oublié de dire ça à la fin de mon discours lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2018

One thing I forgot to mention, at the end of my talk at I wanted to raise attention for the raids that are currently happening in Germany against tech civil society initiatives: blog.torservers.net/20180704/c

Looks like I’ll be tooting into the same horn, pretty much, as Mathias in his talk. It’s about how we can influence society by taking control of how things work!

Je m’appelle Mathias @mk and let’s start by talking about the French revolution.