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Not to forget they just started using the new (standard, commonly used) HEIF format that combines the picture and video info.

’s “Privacy Response Team” answered an hour ago: “since Live Photos are an Apple technology, they are provided in industry standard format”. Does that mean it is Apple’s legal opinion that they are only obliged to provide me with my data IF there is a standardised format they can provide my data in, or they don’t need to provide me with the MP4 (standard, commonly used) part of the data because it’s their patent or something?

The European Commission has published their Free Software inventory yesterday. It is interesting to see that 99% of desktops have Firefox installed. But the 98% of "Info-Zip" installations are actually even more interesting. They demonstrate exactly what the purpose of the project is: to show how much we rely on Free Software in our . That is why the EU must contribute to Open Source.

Weil das in ihrer Instagram-Story hatte und es wirklich eine großartige Handreichung ist:
Belästigungssituationen entschärfen.
Auch bei Racial Profiling.

‪So “Boyhood” is actually the story of two siblings growing up (with an emphasis on the boy), but in talking about the movie I ever only heard about how the filmed a boy for 12 years. Fuck that.‬

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RT Kanye just unlocked his iPhone before the TV cameras in the Oval Office. And his password is just 0 repeatedly


…which shows the lack of concern and consideration for the dangerous game they are playing.

The EPP must have jumped at the word . It has nothing to do with protecting creativity, or authors, if you give automatically generated data a copyright. Nor with any international treaty on copyright.

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Der Fall Sigi Maurer in Österreich : Belästigt, verklagt und verurteilt -!5538486/

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Das war grandios heute!
Antragsabgabe im Rahmen der @standesamt2018 in Bremen-Mitte. Vielen Dank an alle, die dabei waren und das Standesamt.

Sympathisch, Junckers "große" Themen. Aber Europa muss *miteinander reden*. Dafür braucht es eine Europäische Öffentlichkeit – ein Werkzeug dafür ist die Harmonisierung der Urheberrechtsschranken, aber das hat die @EU_Commission unter @GOettingerEU versemmelt – stattdessen gab es und .

"We actually don't know what ended up in his tax returns…if he misreported some things and carried them forward into future tax returns, that could…potentially have criminal implications. But the IRS is a much weakened institution…they said nothing in response to this article"

So I'm finally following up today, asking them whether the problem is known and probably already fixed, or else, until when they'll fix it.

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Windows: Das Thunderbird Add-On "Enigmail" verschickt in der Standard-Einstellung Krypto-Mails im Klartext.

Quelle (

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Jetzt scheinen Tim Berners-Lee und das W3C das Thema Social Networking mit eigener Infrastruktur noch einmal anzugehen: »WWW-Erfinder will neue, offene Plattform schaffen« - Originalpost von Berners-Lee hier:

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