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Achtung Männer, ihr müsst jetzt wieder ganz stark sein: führt "Gendersternchen" für Gender-neutrale Sprache ein. Pro-tipp: Don't read the (male) comments.

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„Otte ist langjähriges CDU-Mitglied. Seit Juni 2018 ist er Vorsitzender des Kuratoriums der AfD-nahen Desiderius-Erasmus-Stiftung.“

‪„Scheuer schließt einen erneuten Anlauf nicht aus“, ja ich würde mich an seiner Stelle jetzt auch nicht hinstellen und eine vernichtende Niederlage eingestehen bei etwas, was im wesentlichen doch nur Wahlkampfgetöse war.

In einem offenen Brief warnen @hrw_de @ReporterOG @WikimediaDE und hundert andere, keinen für und andere Messenger einzuführen.
„Empirische Belege für Behauptungen der Polizei fehlen“

The project is a first step to realising the responsibility that governments, administrations, and the EU institutions have towards providing a reliable, secure infrastructure.

Joint investment of resources, and joint bearing of risks build a sustainable relationship!

When businesses and public sector invest in , we must have the well-being of the project community at heart. stresses at

‪The importance of using established licences to enable the reuse of your and your cannot be stressed enough! presenting the new licence selector tool on at

‪Technology is only the tip of the iceberg, the bigger question is where to get the data! –, at

‪We found that technology wasn’t the biggest issue, we could figure that out. It was communication that was the biggest issue. – about

The project, presented by @zacchiro, is a huge effort to preserve for the future, “we have seen commercial software forges come and go, don’t assume your developments will be preserved forever”

‪ and Chrysanthi Giortsou highlighting: is more secure by design because it is for auditing. But it also creates a for institutional users to actually contribute to its !

Amazing takeaway from today, @EU_DIGIT wants to create a Competence Centre for ! 👩‍🎓

The @EU_Commission’s goes beyond software, and also envisions further areas of sharing and collaboration in the . –Chrysanthi Giortsou, Deputy Head of Unit at

Presenters from Spain, Italy, and Finland/Estonia are taking the lead at the , showing how and contribute to and . Lots of keywords of my presentation on are already being dropped! 💪

I’m honored to be in Bucharest at today to present how the project realises the responsibility that governments and institutions have towards our common infrastructure! Join us in Session III: Coding with Citizens!

Ich hab seit kurzem wieder so'ne smarte Uhr.
Wäsche zusammenlegen? – Workout detected!

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Vor einem Jahr verletzten deutsche Neonazis zwei Journalisten schwer. Die mutmasslichen Täter laufen frei herum, einer davon in Visp im Wallis. Die Spurensuche der WOZ führt in ein internationales Neonazinetz.


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