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"analog Not analog" is now in a public repository.

aNa is a live coding system for visuals, based on and . Mixing generative code fragments with inputs channels in real-time.

It’s open source. You can test it on a virtual or physical PC.
I am developing aNa for my graphical live coding experiments. What i published yet is a reduced but more stable subset of aNa. Documentation and code samples are included.

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Hi, my name is Thomas. Working on graphic algorithms since years. Using openFrameworks, Blender and custom software for my experiments.

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a short excerpt of the collaborative ambient a/v set i did a couple weeks ago at the phase space show!
there was much reaction diffusion, symmetry, gurgling noises and hunching over synthesizers.

Shots of a small river. Overlaid with generated patterns.

"Disturbing the waters of our lives."
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Take A Pebble

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Last evening I caught a swarm of bees. It was just before sunset. I had found them so late because they settled deep in dog rose. Got less than 10 stings when catching them. In addition, got a tick as an uninvited guest. The tick was a bonus for free.

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A bee starts from a Centaurea Montana blossom to reach the next flower.

The plan was to photograph a bumblebee searching for nectar. The viewer of the picture must now imagine the bumblebee.

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Spent several days at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. The first time again in real cinemas. Was a good experience. Now I have seen about 120 animated shorts 📽️ and I am totally exhausted. Since I've never owned a TV, I've had to go to ITFS regularly for 25 years. Hope to be able to say a grammatically correct sentence again in a few days.

I made a mistake: this verse is from a poem by Ingeborg Bachmann.

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#Introduction Hi folks!

I'm Maren, a nonbinary designer, 3D artist and illustrator. Experimental is one of my favorite words! I love making colorful, unexpected pieces that explore mediums, materials, textures, and complex feelings. I love ethical art and tech. I post a lot about human rights and activism. I love using #Blender and I'm studying #Houdini.

These are some of my artworks and me ✨

#art #design #3dArt #climate #environment #politics #astrophotography #nature #photography #poetry

Last year it was too rainy. Could not collect any honey. But this spring is very dry for the conditions here. Hope that this year there will be a honey harvest again.

cw: Bees
Please do not pet.


Yes, there is also a multiple identity game here.

For example, there's @netzrobbe having a mother: @zenja.

Then there is the [n]einhorm (say no-unicorn) @flauschehorn

The family of net animals has also formed a union: @einhorngewerkschaft To achieve world domination!

The no-unicorn is not satisfied with the servants. Whether the servants may also write at I have yet to find out.

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