Hi, my name is Thomas. Working on graphic algorithms since years. Using openFrameworks, Blender and custom software for my experiments.

@kandid Hi! What is the language on the 3rd image? I see it's lisp, but which one?

The image with the red sunflower and the black / white image is made with domain specific language looking like Lisp. This very small Lisp subset is transformed to OpenGL shading language by am Clojure macro. For a “Lispy” sample see

The image with the deformed marbles is made with Java. The idea came from slit scan photography.

For the geometry of the white ball with red needles I am using Clojure. Its rendered in Blender / Cycles.

@kandid Wow, very interesting, thank you! I'm more of a sound person, but am starting to touch algorithmic graphics a bit with OpenFrameworks now. Thoungh I don't feel like C++ is my thing, I'm more into functional languages; thinking in OpenGL is a yet another new journey for me.

@wugaxnof It is a slit scan edit of a video.

A dish with marbles and a small glass ball is lying on a rotating plate. This is filmed from above. Later, a 1 pixel small strip is cut out of each frame of this movie. Finally, hundreds of these strips are then stitched together to form the final image.

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