An attempt with scan lines after i had read the Scan Processing chapter of Paloma Kop's book.

A superposition of horizontal and concentric scan lines.

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@palomakop When working digitally, i can't add noise to the magnetic coils and distract the video scanlines. Therefore I draw horizontal lines or concentric circles through the bitmap and deflect the sampled pixels as curves.

Here I don't delete the frame buffer, so the concentric circles overlap more and more

@kandid yeah, i see that ! you got a pretty solid rutt etra effect. i always like trails also. is that in clojure ?

@palomakop Yes, the control is Clojure. The Clojure code is translated into GLSL fragment shader if the filter runs on the GPU. Filters running on the CPU are executed there as byte code.

The filters form a chain. Cycles are allowed.

The pure graphics processing power is provided by openFrameworks.

This allows me to run the animation at 25 fps and still can be changed live.

"analog Not analg" can be found here:

This is an experiment. Not a stable application.

@kandid oh, awesome ! i remember seeing you post about "analog not analog" before, it's cool to see it in action.
im working on learning some glsl lately as well !

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