@frankiezafe Had developed a program years ago with which you can breed shapes and color combinations. The idea comes from the 90s from Karl Sims.

Sometimes I still use it to collect graphic ideas. You can always see which algorithm was used to calculate the images. However, within a single method can produce a variety of variants.

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@kandid classy! I didn't know you can layout a sourceforge project. I'll try to run it :)

@kandid i've launched the software yesterday, there are a LOT of configuration panels! I feel i lack some knowledge about genetic algorithms

@frankiezafe Parts of the functionality are no longer usable.
There was a database on the Internet to store and share population. This database does not exist anymore.

There was a mail system to send population to each other. This mail server has been down for a long time. But even then it was too late for mails. Everyone was flooded with spam.

All dialogs that have something to do with user-ID, mail, WEB-database or breeder-list must be ignored today.

@frankiezafe With these parameters, changes still make sense:

"crossing over rate" and "mutation rate" can be increased if the generated images are too similar.

@frankiezafe For the "evolve externals" populations you need additional programs that were not developed by me. These are bigger older open source projects. For example Persistence of Vision. These programs read a "control" file written by Kandid and produce the image from it.

Non interactive programms. Like a compiler reading a source file, but produce an image instead of an executable.

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