The first time i used nanoKONTROL2 to adjust the colors and mixing ratios.

Cross-fade two images of flowers with a reaction diffusion pattern.

"Motility at the Origin of Life: Its Characterization and a Model"
A paper by: Tom Froese, Nathaniel Virgo, Takashi Ikegami (2014)

A colorfull version can be found here:

Cyclic Symmetric Multi-Scale Turing Patterns. A paper by Jonathan McCabe.

Currently working on animating simple Lindenmayer systems.

Only 2D and yet in black and white.

It is an attempt to mix two domain specific languages:
A) Rules from Lindenmayer systems to expand an “axiom” string multiple times.
B) Simple Lisp like expressions to steer the “turtle”in addition to the original meaning of + - F commands in Lindenmayer systems.

More samples at

Animate a tree like Lindenmayer system.

depth = 4
stepsize = 0.1
angel = (* (/ 20.5 180) 3.14159)
ignore = +-
axiom = F
rule1 = F -> F(+ 1.1 (snoise x y (* 0.001 f)))-[-F+F+F]+[+F-F-F]

A "Blue Odyssey" from "Forbidden Fruit" to "Peach Cobbler".
A test with massive handpicked color names.

At i have seen an appealing animation. The image is decorated in real time with the names of the colors recognized in the image.

Here's my attempt: On the left, the WEB camera of a Swedish city; on the right, the same image as color names. "Titanium Yellow" "Game Over" "Galactic Tint" ...

Closed Circuit Television

This vacation video was made today on my one day trip around the world.



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