1715. auf der u1 kontrollettis am görlitzer bhf. zivil. beide schwarze jacke, schwarze mütze/basecap. @noticket_bln@twitter.com

Whenever i add a new contact's phone number in iOS, i'm slightly confused by the fact that the default category is still "home". On a mobile. In 2019.

1615. kontrolle in der u8, rund um kotti. in zivil in der bahn und bvg/polizei aufm bahnsteig. /@noticket_bln

My favourite typo right after "nom install": "goggle[.]com". 🏊‍♀️

Anyways. Here's my new frontend blog. Finally with a small(er) screen layout. die-katrin.eu/frontend-blog/

Does anyone else have the experience that with flexbox+grid, somehow desktop-first layouting makes sense again?
Maybe it's also just me, always thinking in desktop sizes first.

Ahoj you beautiful people! I’m available for a new frontend project 👩🏻‍💻.
* JS framework-based (bonus points for VueJS)
* CSS organization
* Contract or remote-friendly opportunity

If you know of anything, let’s get in touch: die-katrin.eu/frontend-dev/fre

(RTs appreciated 💖)

And yes. Fuck the Gewerbemietrecht which makes increases of 100% possible and fuck past Berlin senates for privatising the shit out of Berlin. </rant>

Thanks again @vuejs_berlin@twitter.com for having me yesterday. It was a lovely evening. 💖

Here are my slides: die-katrin.eu/frontend-dev/sli

i have a Vue app with 2 architecture patterns. Both achieve the same result. Now i need to decide.

Which factors should i take into account?
- Performance
- Consistency
- ...

Tested for you to: Using vuex's mapActions inside the `computed` object, the action call will lead to an infinite loop. It belongs inside the `method object. Or… don't overcomplicate things in a rather tiny component and use `this.$store.dispatch()` right away. 🙈

if my reduced test case works "just fine"(TM), i should be happy, right. RIGHT?🕵️‍♀️

was passiert, wenn man 3 wochen lang morgens um 8uhr oder früher aufsteht? ja, genau… guten morgen!

deadline panic, but as a tourist. last day in amsterdam and doing all the „ooh, didn‘t i want to…“-things.

strolling through the jordaan district in amsterdam. a group/movement called Monument Care since the 1970s works on keepig the history alive.

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