A sad story in shell completion.

$ tar cfz - dir/sub<TAB>
$ tar cfz - dir/subdir/s<TAB>
$ rm -rf dir/subdir/subsubdir.old
$ rm -rf dir/subdir/subsubdir
$ # Uh oh...

Fortunately, Time Machine (Apple's backup app) had saved a copy three hours earlier.

We are moving in six days. Here are the essential food prep utensils that ${SPOUSE} didn't pack.

Draw your own conclusions.

I am trying to sip this ironically, but it still has the aftertaste of network TV.

I think I've modeled all the parts I have to fab. It looks like this now.

The air intake grille was a challenge.

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I got further in the design, and I hit a problem. I sliced enough of the models to estimate print times. 30 days of running the printer round the clock just to print everything, if everything fits together on the first try (which it won't).

In the best case, I can get my printer set up 20 days before the birthday party.


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Apparently, "furniture grade PVC" is a thing. It's not rated to carry fluids, but it's finished with high gloss and no printing.


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This might just be a really big bong. fry-not-sure.jpg

The main tunnel is sheets of acetate film rolled into cylinders. The 3D printed rings hold those in place.

The rings are positioned by the legs. Three threaded rods run the length of the tunnel, and sections of PVC tubing hide the rods and set the ring spacing.

The fan is below the bottom ring, and an inlet grill is below that. I don't have a clear vision of how those parts look yet.

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I started modeling something last night. So far, I have this.

I'm planning to 3D print the frame; I don't have access to a CNC router. Each section will be built up of overlapping segments bolted together. Those colored pieces are exactly as big as my printer bed.

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New project starting.

For my great nephews' birthday on Aug 13, I am going to try to build a wind tunnel like this.


"There were at least nine iterations of the [ARP] 2600 over a ten-year period, and you'd have to be a monotonous nerd to go through them all. So, here we go. The first model was the..."


Movers hate this one trick!

This will be much harder to fit on the truck than a flat tabletop slab.

Looks like I epoxied these brackets down. Most likely, the IKEA cardboard was already disintegrating while I was installing the brackets.

IKEA SIGNUM cable tray under the same LINNMON table.

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These looked good and were fun to print, but ended up being pretty fragile.

IKEA LINNMON table and LERBERG legs, 3D printed brackets.

Everything is coming apart to move.

In four weeks I'll find out whether this was a good way to pack a Prusa.

The printer is taped to a sheet of plywood.

The four legs from an IKEA LACK enclosure are taped into the corners to add rigidity to the box.

We are moving again. How many spools of printer filament do I have to pack?

41 spools of PLA
7 spools of PETG
11 spools of ABS
3 spools of other
61 total

I would have guessed 40.

Forgive me for tooting my own horn (so to speak), but I just discovered that I got some good press back in 2018 for Deep Synth.



Even the comments are complimentary.

My own strategy is a folder on my Mac called Making > Done for Now.*

If a project is at at stopping point, in it goes. Maybe it'll come back out someday, maybe not.

* That's "Done for Now" as a subfolder of "Making". Making has one subfolder for every active project.

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This is the best maker motivational video I've seen in a while. Especially the first section about killing projects.

Is Zack Freedman on Mastodon? I found and followed him on Twitter...


The black bar in the lower right is a debugging aid. It's easier to project it onto the floor than to add a separate window somewhere.

Anyway, I'm about done with visual effects. Just a little cleanup and performance work, then it'll be time to hook this up to external shaders.

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