Here's a tricky one:

In the mid-1980s, I travelled to with my school class. One day, we met an old communist partisan who told us stories from the war and then gave us some lapel pins as gifts, most of them being logos of communist organisations and Eastern-Bloc companies.

One of the pins had a logo similar to the one in the images below – I don't remember which way around it was, so I recreated both –, and I'm trying to figure out what organisation that logo belongs to.

Any ideas?

I think that maybe there also were spokes in the cogwheel. Yeah, that looks about right …

I dont know exactly, but look in the thematics reconnaissance troops of the worker´s party

@kernpanik Ah heck, I wish I'd asked for the contact info of that old lady who used to sell pins at the flea market in Szeged. Sadly the market was closed a few months ago so I have no idea how to find her, because she'd probably know or know someone who does. I'll ask some older relatives though, just in case. Ping me if I forget to get back to you.

@kernpanik Was it by any chance a logo like this first image, given a treatment more like the second?

These are hat pins awarded at graduation from the Hungarian People's Army academy. The one on the left is a mechanical engineer's pin, probably from the 50s. The ones on the right are styles from a later decade (I don't know if any of them are for a mechanical engineer).

@Nentuaby Unfortunately no, it was really very similar to the ones in my pictures (maybe with spokes in the cogwheel, but otherwise pretty much the same logo). But anyway, thanks a lot for the suggestion! :awesome:👍

@kernpanik the best I can help with is that it looks like a syndicalist gear plus ♂️ symbols, indicating something gay and anarcho-?

@kernpanik Looks like something out of a Worker's Guild in Zobeck from the Midgard role-playing setting!

@kernpanik I have no idea, but I like the style. Did reverse image searches with major-brand search engines return any hints?

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