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Presenting maybe the world first 60fps Eink monitor, the Glider! (Yeah sorry, yet another pet project) Following is a short video showing prototype in action:

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Die Funktion des neues Katzenklos scheint noch ungeklärt zu sein.

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@The_DM_Sarah@twitter.com It could be worse, you could have a party with engineers and they invent an arrow that can one shot dragons.

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Hab endlich was neues (bzw. eher altes) an der Wand hängen. Danke an @_Woodbytes_@twitter.com für das Hamburger Abendblatt zur Mondlandung von 1969 😍

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@parken_dd@twitter.com zeigt, wie mit Hilfe von aus der heraus innovative Mobilitätsdienste entstehen!

@kiliankoe@twitter.com und @JK70523@twitter.com erzählen die Hintergründe ihres Projekts im neuen Podcast von @digitalmobilBW@twitter.com.

🎙️open.spotify.com/episode/4PCfV (1/2)

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Another Swift 5.6 feature ♥️: Diagnose API breaking changes. If you are a library owner, it is now easy to check if you accidentally break public API. Ideally you make this part of your CI. Huge shoutout to community contributor @owenvoorhees@twitter.com who implemented this.👌

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On a train trip today, I wanted to know what cities I'm passing by, so I created an lens for @Spectacles@twitter.com to tell me where I am.

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Hat sich schon mal jemand gefragt, warum die Krankenhäuser in Sachsen fast voll sind, aber die Hospitalisierungs-Inzidenz immer noch bei gemütlichen 4.14 dümpelt? Spoiler: Es ist nur noch absurd.

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There's a hell of a zap that neoclassical economics puts on your head. After being brainwashed to think that markets "naturally emerge" wherever a shortage occurs, a certain kind of evil asshole will take it upon themselves to "create markets" and thus "solve the problem"


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What a 🧵. I've never been a big user of Tumblr myself, it's amazing how fantastically broken literally everything is.

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look I know a lot of people make fun of tumblr for supposedly being badly coded but I just tried to make a post and it turns out the E and W keys just stopped working. the ones on my keyboard. I can't type them, but only in tumblr.

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