A typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/5th of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its fuel never reaches the wheels, & most of the energy that does, moves the car, not people.

Is there same statistics available for busses or trains?


I guess a bus or a train is not parking 92% of the time! 😉

Yeah, that is most likely true, but other stats would be more interesting.

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@kohn Bikes run on roughly 25 miles per taco.

Wow europe really needs to expand its road infrastructure then.

@kohn do you have a source for the image? maybe something higher res and not jpeg compressed?

@kohn I'm kind of scared to find out what the 5% of accidents not caused by human error were caused by... malevolent robots?

@technomancy @kohn crashes caused by eg the breaks failing are generally not considered human error i think?

@Satsuma @kohn sure, but 5% seems like a really high rate for mechanical failure

@technomancy @kohn yeah hopefully there are some other categories of no fault crashes also included in there

@Satsuma @technomancy @kohn apart from things like crazy weather and such, 5% of crashes being caused by cars falling apart doesn't strike me as *that* outrageous - there's some pretty shitty cars on the road.

@technomancy @Satsuma @kohn you also have to consider the people that don't properly maintain their cars, either out of negligence, or lack of funds, in that percentage.

@kohn This is why we need more investment in public transport, although that isn't going to happen in the current economy.

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