I shall now take bets on how long it takes until eBPF and io_uring are merged and most things run in ring 0, using webassembly with routers for hardware because edge computing.

Could I use feedback to amplify the vibrations of my electric bass strings; use the strings as the antenna of a theremin to control the volume making crescendi possible?

Solutions by application of lemmas unnamed, bullet points forgotten. Theorems imported from other papers that need five to ten minutes of hunting down if you want to check them…

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The more proper math papers I read the more baffled I am that most mathematicians seem to prefer this to mechanized proofs. This mixture of human language and formalism. Instructions for reconstructing their proof in your head; in small type as mutilated prose. How can anybody seriously attempt to keep this in their head?

But then I've already forgot what the start of this sentence is and one line of my code will contain at least three typos, so maybe my limitations are special.

Welp; turns our I didn't need to replace my ten year old laptop after all…deleting snapshots older than four years was perfectly sufficient to get everything running smoothly again!

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On the whole though, I just noticed from syncoid being slow…

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Why the hell is zfs list so slow?

$ zfs list -t all | wc -l

Ah well I might have found the answer…

"the function is usually called F-Function"


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tau subscript big T. You have just got to be shitting me.

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Whats worse than calling your variables x, y and z?

Calling your variables X, X^, X', X'', x, and χ (small greek letter chi). And Χ (greek letter chi).

Four years into learning to sing and I still can almost sing Absolution by Knorkator. Just that B5, that damn B5…although now I can be sure that at some point I will be able to sing the damnedest song in rock history.

With a pretty pretty pret-ty vim config and her fast typing fingers on the key-board quick.

To the great and greater code and encoder flew the vicious bug of the syntax error.

What a hell-or is this just another day to slay the bug for one and all the time. But,

mine is the inquisitive fool is a pool of tools that make me drool for the cool and cooler res-oolts.

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Who jinxd the build.
🎶 An update did and update did. 🎶

Who rescued it?
🎶 A git commit a git commit. 🎶

For great and small and small and tall the git commit is the witty witty deed of the knight and her steed riding with the octokit-en.

Do I have to do everything myself? In case you would like to import the IACR Events list into your calendar.



Am 28.04. ab 19 Uhr gibt es einen Vektorgraphik Workshop: Logo- und Stickerdesign mit Inkscape (Online per bbb-Konferenz)

In einem Workshop wollen wir sowohl blutigen Anfänger:innen als auch Vollblut-Programmierer:innen den Einstieg ins Grafikdesign ermöglichen und den Teilnehmenden dabei helfen, mit dem Design ihres ersten Logos oder Stickers zu beginnen.

Weitere Infos unter:

Wenn jemand mal so richtig viel liebe haben will muss Mensch einfach einen hedgedoc client für vim bauen…

I once again ask wikipedia authors to write their pages in a way that allows breadth first searches.

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